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Peruvian Community Cultural Initiative

Pachamama Peruvian Arts / Artes Peruanas Pachamama
(2003 to Present)

Pachamama Peruvian Arts (PPA) is the Center’s first long-term project to focus on a South American community.  Pachamama Peruvian Arts seeks to strengthen the practice of traditional Peruvian music and dance through youth education and collaborative community presentations throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Peruvians living in the New York region reflect the vibrant tapestry of ethnic diversity that is Peru.  Criollos from Peru’s capital of Lima, mestizos from the Andes town of Cuzco, and Afro-Peruvians from the coastal region all have made a new home in New York while fewer Indigenous people from the Amazon region have emigrated.  This community of over 200,000 has settled throughout the New York area, especially in Jackson Heights, as well as sections of Long Island, West Chester and Paterson, New Jersey.

Pachamama Peruvian Arts is the first free program in the US to offer children an opportunity to learn the remarkable music and dance traditions of Peru. Based at PS 212 in Jackson Heights, PPA has offered 24 free classes and over 40 concerts, workshops and collaborative community events to-date.  Pachamama grows each year and hundreds of students have attended weekly classes on the rhythms and techniques, history, and the social and cultural importance of Peruvian art forms.  Students perform alongside their master instructors as well as other leading artists.  A new student touring ensemble performs for major Peruvian festivals in the metropolitan area as well community events.

Visit the Pachamama Peruvian Arts website.

Key Artists, Individuals and Organizations:
Abya Yala: Arts organization serving Andean interests
Peter Apaza: PPA Committee, dance teacher and artist
Ballet Folklórico Perú: dance group
Caracumbe: Afro-Peruvian music and dance group
Carlos D. Bernales: PPA Artistic Director & Coordinator, pianist, composer
Carlos E. Bernales: Peruvian artist and activist
Walter Carillo: Afro-Peruvian singer and musician
Centro Civico Peruano: produces of the annual Peruvian Festival
Rosa Carhaullanqui: PPA Committee, dance teacher and artist
Grupo Wayno: huayno music group
Guillermo Guerrero: Andean musician
Carlos Hayre: master Peruvian guitarist
Gabrielle Hamilton: folklorist, founding CTMD Project Director
Inka Kusi Sonqo: Andean music and dance group
Andrés Jiménez: PPA Committee, quena player
Eric Kurimski: guitarist
Latin Percussion: instrument makers
Rosa Maria Lazon: teacher of traditional song
Sonya Lopes-Bayona: PPA Committee
Héctor Morales: cajón teacher and percussionist
Kamabalache Negro: Afro-Peruvian music group
Marcos Napa: Afro-Peruvian musician, dancer and composer, PPA teacher
Leslie Ogan: PPA Volunteer
Michael Ortiz: marineranorteña dancer
Edgar Patricio Paucar: PPA Andean music teacher and artist
Luz Pereira: PPA Director, dance teacher and artist
Perú Andino: dance group
Peruvian Import Company: importers of Peruvian goods
Peru Inca Folk: dance group
Perú Negro: Grammy nominated Afro-Peruvian music and dance group
Revelacion del Peru: dance group
Sangre de Campeones: dance school specializing in marineranorteña
Ileana Santamaria: singer and composer
Betty Seminario: Peruvian painter
Tahuantinsuyo: Andean music group
Daniel Zamalloa: violinist  

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