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Master Artist Profiles:

Michael Alpert and Zev Feldman: Saving Yiddish Dance
by Pete Rushefsky

George Caba: Banat Romanian Violinist (In Memoriam)
by Martin Koenig

Tamara Chernyakhovska : Encircled by Friends
by Eileen Condon, Ph.D.

Brian Cherwick: Dulcimer on the Prairie
by Pete Rushefsky

Giovanni Coffarelli: High Priest of Neapolitan Music (In Memoriam)
by Anna Lomax Wood, Ph.D.

Sidiki Conde: A Bridge of Hope
by Tom van Buren, Ph.D

Abdoulaye Diabate and Super Manden: West African Troubadours in New York
by Tom van Buren, Ph. D.

Ilias Kementzides: Master of Pontic Greek Lyra (In Memoriam)
by Martin Koenig and Ethel Raim

Julian Kytasty: Kobzar of the East Village
by Pete Rushefsky

Dendê Macedo: Drumming with Spirit
by Eileen Condon

Diego Obregon: Innovation and Tradition Flow from Colombia to Queens
by Gabrielle Hamilton and Naomi Sturm

Eugenio Ortega: Colombian Vallenato Master (In Memoriam)
by Gabrielle Hamilton

Amalia Papastefanou:  A Homecoming in Song
by Eileen Condon, Ph.D.

Sue Yeon Park: Dancing with the Shaman
by Peter Rushefsky

Luz Pereira: It’s All in the Timing
by Naomi Sturm

Andy Statman: Innovating Across Musical Worlds
by Pete Rushefsky

Rudy Tepel and Marty Levitt (In Memoriam)
by Pete Rushefsky and Joel Rubin, Ph.D.

Martin Vejarano: Healing Wounds through Music
by Gabrielle M. Hamilton

Xiao Xiannian: New Sounds for Chinese Strings
by Pete Rushefsky

Yuri Yunakov: Master of Bulgarian Wedding Music
by Pete Rushefsky & Ethel Raim

Culture and Community:

Don't Shoot the Piano Player: The State of Vallenato in New York City. By Jorge Arevalo Mateus, Ph.D., American Music Review, Vol. XLIII, No. 1, Fall 2013.

Facts about the Quechua Language
by Miryam Yataco, Ph.D.

Immigrant Arts in Collaboration: Current Community Cultural Initiatives (in Voices: The Journal of New York Folklore) by Gabrielle Hamilton, Emily Socolov, Ph.D. and Tom van Buren, Ph.D.

Ukrainian Christmas in the East Village—A Bird’s Eye View
by Eileen Condon, Ph.D.

Yiddish Song of the Week Blog
Editor Itzik Gottesman, Ph.D.

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New Routes:
The Ethnic Folk Arts Center (later renamed the Center For Traditional Music Dance), published this quarterly/bi-annunal newsletter featuring articles and photographs to promote upcoming concerts and events featuring both New York-based and touring traditional music and dance ensembles. The newsletter was published from 1993-2002. Click the links below to view each issue in PDF format.

Summer 1993: Jazz Des Jeunes, the Haitian-American big-band.

Winter 1993: Portuguese Music and Dance in America.

Winter 1994: The Brooklyn Arab Community of South Ferry.

Spring 1994: The Brooklyn Arab Community-Part 2, intv. Hakki Obadia

Spring 1995: Music and Dance in the Asian Indian Communities

Summer/Fall 1996: Rituals of Asian Indian Dance in a New Country

Winter 1996: Dominican Republic, A Creole Culture

Fall 1997: Folk Parks '97 at the New York Botanical Garden
Vol. 5, No. 2 Table of Contents
Jaliya: The Living Tradition of the Word
    Kewulay Kamara
Folk Parks '97 at the New York Botanical Garden
Dominican Festival at Celebrate Brooklyn
Quisqueya en el Hudson II
Obit. Gora Singh

Winter 1997: Vol. 5, No. 3
Table of Contents
Niani Badenya Beng: West African Community Cultural Initiative
Folk Parks '97
Intv. Rekha Malhotra
Intv. Samir Chatterjee

Spring 1998: Vol. 6, No.1
Table of Contents
The Artists of Badenya
Abou Sylla
Abdoulaye Diabate
Marie Basse
Community Cultural Initiatives, Folk Parks '98
Obit. Eugenia Ramos, Tom Doherty, Maureen Glynn-Connolly

Fall 1998: Vol. 6, No.2
Table of Contents
Nashi Traditsii, Soviet Jewish Community Cultural Initiative
Intv. German Goldenshteyn
Folk Parks '98
Quiqueya Festival
University Settlement House, Badenya '98

Fall 1999: Vol.7, No. 1
Table of Contents
Artist Profile, Juan de Jesus Coco
Dominican Music in New York
   Thomas van Buren with Leonardo Ivan Dominguez
Ralph Rinzler, A Guiding Spirit
Quiqueya Festival
Nashi Traditsii

Spring 2000: Vol. 7, No. 2
Table of Contents
Pagbubunyi: A Celebration of Filipino Culture and Heritage
Artist Profile, Bayani de Leon
Nashi Traditsii
Quiqueya en el Hudson 2000

Fall 2000: Vol. 8, No. 1
Table of Contents
Mexican Community Cultural Initiative
Mexican Sonideros, Mexican Youth Dances in New York and New Jersey
   Cathy Ragland
Nashi Traditsii

Badenya 2000
Quiqueya 2000

Winter 2001: Vol. 8, No. 2
Table of Contents
Nashi Traditsii, Music for the Jewish Wedding
Yiddish Verbal Art of the Badkhn
   Jim Loeffler and Michael Alpert

Spring 2001: Vol. 8, No. 3
Table of Contents
CTMD & Smithsonian Folkways CD release
New York City at the Millennium: A World of Sounds
2001 Smithsonian Folklife Festival
Nashi Traditsii 2001

Quiqueya 2000

Summer 2001: Vol. 8, No. 4
Table of Contents
Folk Parks 2001
Mexican CCI
CTMD at the Smithsonian
Archive News

Obit. Adam Popovich

Fall 2001: Vol. 9, No. 1
Table of Contents
Reflections on September 11th
Mexican CCI
Mexican Son
   Cathy Ragland
Filipino Concert Event

Nashi News

Spring 2002: Vol. 9, No. 2
Table of Contents
Intv. David Krakauer
Mariachi Education Project
Intv. Usopay Cadar
Mano a Mano Concert Review
Manta Gowani Concert Review

Artist Profile, Naji Youseff

Fall 2002: Vol. 9, No. 4
Table of Contents
Mediterranean Panels and Workshops
Artist Profile, Sam Iovino
Selected Discography
Nashi Traditsii Concludes
Badenya CD Release
Obit. Alan Lomax, Santiago "Chago" Villanueva

Winter 2002: Vol. 10, No. 1
Table of Contents
Peruvian Community Cultural Initiative
Intv. Pepe Santana
Living in America: Mexican Community
Obit. T. Viswanathan

Spring 2003: Vol. 10, No. 2
Table of Contents
Festiva Filipiniana: Art Music in a Community Cultural Context
Mano a Mano Festival Mexicano
Obit. Keba Bobo Cissoko
Peruvian CCI News

Balkan Arts Traditions/Folk Festival Programs:
The Balkan Arts Center published extensive print programs for Folk Festivals in Spring 1972 and Fall/Spring of 1973. The programs later evolved into a journal entitled "Balkan Arts Traditions" that was published in 1974, 1975 and 1977. See below for contents and click the link to download a PDF file.

Spring Folk Festival: 1972
Table of Contents
Some Thoughts While Riding the Nothbound IRT Local
    Martin Koenig
The Relevance of Yugoslavia
    Bogdan Denitch
List of Summer Festivals, Eastern Europe (with map/legend)

Spring Folk Festival: 1973
Table of Contents
Izvorni- From the Source
    Ronelle Alexander
Forms and Feeling: Two Aspects of Balkan Dance
    Alice Singer
Sex and Power in the Balkans
    Bette S. Denich
Instruments of Change
    Lauren Brody
The Intellectual Fascination of the Balkans
    Robert Austerlitz
    Zina Sherker
The Tamburitzan Musical Tradition
    Martin Koening
Oj Livado Rosna Travo
    transcription, Ethel Raim
    translation, John Krilcic and Ellen Shumsky

Fall Folk Festival: 1973
Table of Contents
    Anne Scher
...And Dancing In New Paltz
   Stephen Clorfeine
Some Thoughts While Riding the Nothbound IRT Local
    Martin Koenig
    recipe by Chile House Restaurant, New Paltz, NY
Bela Bartok and the Music of the Balkans
    M.J. Corry
An Interview With Ivan Jakovits
    Jo Sgammato
Doing Anthropological Fieldwork in Greece...And Dancing, Too
    Parry A. Bialor
Oj Livado Rosna Travo
    transcription, Ethel Raim
    translation, John Krilcic and Ellen Shumsky

Balkan Arts Traditions: 1974
Table of Contents
Introduction: Traditions    3
Yiddish Folksong in Europe and America    5
    Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett
The Origin of the Folk Orchestra in Bulgaria    11
    Tim Rice
Efxinos Pontos    15
    Martin Koenig
A Typical Wedding in Banat, Serbia    18
    Ethel Raim and Martin Koenig
The Calus    25
    Anca Giurchescu
Tamburashi Tradition in America    31
    Ethel Raim and Martin Koenig
Zhiveli Tamburashi    34
    Nada Polovina
Prijatno (To Your Liking)    39
    Viola Andrycich
Borsch    45
    Linda Nowicky
Spring Folk Festival Schedule of Events    46

Balkan Arts Traditions: 1975
Table of Contents
The Myth of the Melting Pot    1
    Caroline Golab
Hungarian Pre-Wedding Customs   3
    Andor and Ann Czompo
Mile Kolarov and Novo Selo: Cultural Community   13
    Eran Fraenkel
Middle Eastern Music Among Immigrant Communities in
New York City   19
    Walter Feldman
From Fisherman to Counterman    27
    Angela R. Burn
Traditional House Decoration in Romania    32
    Jan H. Brunvand

Balkan Arts Traditions: 1977
Table of Contents
A Toast to Sister Timothy    1
    Caroline Golab
Irish Traditional Dance in America    5
    Mick Moloney
Karamoudza and Daouli in the Peloponnisos    9
    John Pappas
Women’s Songs from the Balkans and Eastern Europe    14
    Ellen Shumsky
Learning Macedonian Gajda in Philiadelphia    25
    Jim Finn
Folk Dance in Norway    28
    Ingvar Sodal
From the Village to the Stage: Ritual Dance and Dancers    32
    Gail Kligman


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