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Masters on Stage: Major Concerts and Festivals

Each year, thousands of New Yorkers benefit from CTMD's Masters on Stage program, which presents festivals, concert performances and workshops featuring the leading practitioners of New York’s rich immigrant expressive traditions, as well as major artists from abroad.

In Fall of 2010, CTMD will present the fourth New York World Festival, in partnership with Central Park SummerStage, World Music Institute and Lotus Music and Dance.  The upcoming festival will be entitled “Music Around the Black Sea,” and will feature leading performers from Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey, and the U.S. More details to come soon!

The 2002 and 2007 New York World Festivals presented Music and Dance Around the Mediterranean, while the 2004 Festival featured Music of the Gulf Coast. 

Additionally, for the past decade CTMD has partnered with Lincoln Center Out of Doors to present the Heritage Sunday Festival.  The August 2008 Festival featured three leading New York based ensembles combining African-rooted percussion and dance: Ologunde (Afro-Brazilian), Kotchegna (Ivory Coast) and Bonga and the Vodou Drums of Haiti.

In past years, CTMD has presented or initiated a number of major festivals, concert series and national tours that presented artists from a particular community or a range of communities.  Examples include:

• Queens Ethnic Music and Dance Festival (various communities, 1976-1991)
• Greek Festival (1976, 1982)
• Dave Tarras Concert Series (Ashkenazic Jewish, 1978-1979)
• Greek Music Tour (1982-1983)
• Music Around the Mediterranean Concert Series (1982)
• Musica Popolare Tour (Italian, 1983-1985)
• Cherish the Ladies Concerts (1985) and Tour (1987-1989)
• Jewish Music Tour (1980-1981)
• Statue of Liberty Centennial Salute to Immigrant Cultures (various, 1986)
• Fiesta Navideña (Puerto Rican, 1987)
• Festival Shqiptar (Albanian, 1990-ongoing)
• Rhythms of New York Festival (various, 1990-1993)
• Folk Parks (various communities, 1993-2000)
• Shashmaqam Tour (Central Asian Jewish, 1993-1994)
• Maharajan al Fan Festival of Arab World Culture (1994-1998)
• Dance India Festival (1996)
• Badenya Festival of Manden Culture in New York (West African, 1996-2000)
• Quisqueya en el Hudson Festival (Dominican, 1996-ongoing)
• Kitchrie Festival (Indo-Carribean with Rajkumari Cultural Center, 1997-Ongoing)
• Nashii Traditsii Concerts (Former Soviet Jewish, 1998-2002)
• Filipino Music and Dance Festivals (1999-2003)
• Smithsonian Folk Life Festival (curated for New York music, 2001)
• Global Beat of the Boroughs Concert Series (various, 2004)
• Cultural Villages (various, with Riverside Theater, 2006-2007)
• Sizhu Silk and Bamboo Music Concert Series (Chinese, 2007)
• Latin Fiesta! (various Latino, 2008)

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