Pachamama Peruvian Arts
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Pachamama Peruvian Arts was launched in response to a concern that Peruvian Americans born in the US were losing the connection to their cultural heritage and acculturating popular Latin American sounds to the detriment of traditional Peruvian music and dance. Pachamama Peruvian Arts seeks to strengthen the practice of traditional Peruvian music and dance, promote cultural interchange and mutual understanding among Peruvians, Peruvian Americans and the community at large and to empower New York’s Peruvian community with pride through youth education, workshops and collaborative community presentations throughout the New York metropolitan area.

The Pachamama Organizing Committee is comprised of Luz A. Pereira L. (Project Director), Carlos David Bernales Vilca (Artistic Director and Coordinator), Peter Apaza, Patricio Paucar, Rosa Maria Lazon Egusquiza, Sonya Lopes Bayona, Rosa Carhuallanqui and Gabrielle M. Hamilton. We welcome Peruvian musicians, dancers, artists, scholars and cultural activists to join us. If you are interested in learning more about our projects and mission, please contact Gabrielle Hamilton at 212-571-1555 x27 or gmhamilton@ctmd.org


Pachamama Peruvian Arts is an initiative of the Center for Traditional Music and Dance: www.ctmd.org