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Catalog#: Stonehill0002
Title: Ayeder mentsh darf dus gut farstheyn (Every Person Must Understand This)
Miriam Isaacs
Translation: Miriam Isaacs

Information: This song philosophizes about the brevity of life with citation from scripture in Hebrew Aramaic.

1. Ayeder mentsh darf dus gut farshteyn,
Az fun vanen er kumt, ahin muz er geyn.
Dos lebn iz sheyn, ober nit imer lang,
Az men tut dos farzeyn,tut er on bang  

Vayl odem yeshoydoy meofer
vshoyfoy vshoyfoy leofor…2x..

2. A raykher man, raykh on a shir
Di velt iz im kleyn, vil ales zikh aleyn
Er vert keynmol zat, er vil nisht farshteyn ,
Az bald kumt zayn tsayt, er vet muzn geyn.   

Refrain, Vayl odem…uzv.

3. Rayst nit ayn di velt, yogt nit nokh gelt
Nemt nit bay yenem, fargest nit on dem gehenem.
Men brent un men brot, far yeder avere,
men paynikt zeyr dort, S’iz a shrek un a moyre,

Refrain. vayl odem

1. Every person must understand this.
That from where he come, he must also go.
Life is beautiful, but short.
And if you don’t understand this you will be sorry.

Refrain: Vayl  odem yesh….. Hebrew Man from his foundation is from dust and his end to dust.

2. A rich man, rich beyond bounds,  
the world is too small for him.
He is never sated, does not want to understand
that his time is short, that he will have to leave.

3. Don’t be too ambitious, don’t chase after wealth.
Don’t take others’ things, don’t forget hell.
There they burn and bake you, for every sin.
They torture there, it is terrible.

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