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Catalog#: Stonehill0025
Title: Khaver Engel (Comrade Engel) 
Transcription: Miriam Isaacs
Translation: Miriam Isaacs

Information: Sung by Avrumtshe. Ballad about a communist. Engel is the hero, he is shot by the authorities. A certain Lutshin, an undercover stooge, brought many to jail.   Engel saw Lutchin on the street and shot him in the heart with a revolver. Khaver Engel and the Botwin song are draw from communist days and serve psychologically to empower Jews, traditionally averse to fighting, to take a heroic stance against the enemy, to show that it is admirable to shoot and kill, no matter what the consequences.

Vos iz in Lodz geshen
An arbiter blut iz fargosn gevorn.

Azoyner getrayer khaver vi Engel iz geven
Di makht hot im dershosn.  (2x)

Oy, oy Lutchin iz in gas gegangen
Geven iz er a farshtelter komunist

A sakh khaveyrim hot er in turme arayngefirt
Khaver Engel dernentert zikh (2x)

Khaver Engel iz in gas gegangen
Getrofn hot er Lutshin gayn

Aroysgenimen hot er dem revolver
Un shist im in harts arayn. (2x)

What happened in Lodz. (Poland).  
A worker’s blood was spilled.  

Such a loyal comrade, Engel was
the government shot him. (2x)

Oh, Luchin went in the street,
and was a disguised communist.

Lots of comrades he brought to the jail,
Comrade Engel is getting nearer. (2x)

Comrade Engel walked in the street,
and met Lutchin.

He took out his revolver
and shot him straight in the heart. (2x)

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