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Catalog#: Stonehill0027
Title: Di mame hot a teckterl (A Mother had a Daughter)
Transcription: Miriam Isaacs
Translation: Miriam Isaacs

Information: Gita Fridman sang this love song that is quite unusual, about competition between a mother and daughter.

Di mame hot a teckterl, a teckterl a shayns,
Mit vayse, blonde herelekh, vi es ken nor zayn
Me mame zogt “dos epele falt nisht vayt fun boym”
Zi nayt a zaydn hemdele, zi kisht in zoym

Es drayen zikh bukhirimlekh arayn in ir toyer
Zingen shayne lidelekh, un rifn zi aroys.
“Oy kim aroys mayn tayerinke, Ikh vart vi farn toyt,
Der ovnt iz shmekndik, mir kenen geyn af a shpatsir.”

Di mame meynt dos rift men zi, Un faroytlt zikh
Me zugt…?
Klapt in ir dos hertsele, un shmaykhlt fremd
“Mayn mame, ikh bin shoyn mer kayn kind”

A mother has a young daughter, a very pretty one.
With white, blond hair, as nice as can be.
The mother says, “this apple has not fallen far from the tree.”
She is sewing a silk shirt, and kisses the seam.

Young men are wandering by, and she is sad.  
They sing pretty songs, and call the daughter to come out.
“Come out, my dear. I am waiting desperately.  
The evening is fragrant, and we can take a walk.”

The mother thinks they are calling out to her, and is not lazy..
Her little heart is beating, and she is smiling strangely.
My mother, “I am no longer a child.”

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