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Catalog#: Stonehill0035
Title: Shtayt a daytsh un trakht (A German Stands and Thinks)
Transcription: Miriam Isaacs
Translation: Miriam Isaacs

Information: This is a parody of the well-known Yiddish song “Tumbalalaika.” The singer is Moshe Shvimer, who says that he learned this song right after the end of the war from his brother in Romania. He describes a group standing around singing folk songs. Tumbalalaika is a riddle song, a dialogue between a boy and girl, the girl testing the boy about love. Here we have Sorele and Moyshele, at the very end of the war, when the Germans are about to lose. The Germans await with fear the approach of the Red Army, and so they punish the Jews all the more. It is in form also a duet between a girl and boy. Sorele and Moyshele are clearly taking pleasure in the impending loss of the Germans.

Moyshe 1: Shteyt ayn daytsh un trakht un trakht,  
Trakht un trakht vos men makht
Vi zoy vel ikh kenen, mentshn farbrenen
Es kumen di royte mayn lebn nemen.
Tumbala, tumbalalaika.etc.….

Sorele 2: Zugt mir Moyshele vos ikh vel dikh fregn,
Vos tsegayt zikh vi khmares in regn?
Vos ligt tifer in der erd vi ayn kval,
Un ver shpayt haynt ous zayn bitere gal?
Tumbala. …

Moyshe 3: Her tsi Sorele, vos kensti mir fregn?
Di datyshn tsegayen zikh, khmares in regn,
Di daytshn lign tifer in der erd, vi ayn kval,
Un Hitler shpayt haynt oys zayn biterer gal.

Sorele 4: Zog mir, Moyshele pak ales aroys,
Vos loyft gikher, gikher vi ayn moys
tar a ta ra..(laughs).

Sorele 4 (second try): Hert tsi Moyshele, ikh pak ales aroys.  
Fun front ikh loyf gikher vi a moys.

Moyshele 1: A German is standing and thinking and thinking,
Thinking about what to do.
How they can burn even more people?
The Red army is marching in to take my life.

Sorele 2: Tell me Moyshe, what I will ask?
What melts, like clouds in the rain?
What is lying deeper in the earth like a deep well?
And who is spitting out his bitter gall today?

Moshele 3: Listen Sorele, what are you asking me?
The Germans are falling apart, like clouds in a rain.
The Germans lie deeper in the ground that a deep well,
And Hitler is spitting out his bitter gall.

Sorele 4: Tell me Moyshele, pack up your stuff.
What runs faster than a mouse?

Sorele 4 (second try): Listen Moyshe, pack up your stuff..
Run from the front, faster than a mouse.
There is a murmured remark about the front approaching at the end.

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