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Catalog#: Stonehill0037
Title: Vayl ikh bin a Yidele (Because I’m a Jew)
Transcription: Miriam Isaacs
Translation: Miriam Isaacs

Information: This song is transcribed in the dialect in which it is sung. It tells of how difficult it is to be a Jew, not specifying the war, but life in general and the struggle to earn a living in a hostile environment. The singer is Heshelson from Czechoslovakia.  

1. Hert mir ous oykh a  pintl yidn, vus ikh vel aykh dertsayln
Ven men hot mir a nomen yidele gegebn, ken ikh nisht tsi kaynem glaykhn.
Vayl vi ikh gay un vi ikh shtay, tit men mikh auslakhn.
Refrain: Vayl ikh bin a yidele, zing ikh mir dus lidele,
vayl ikh bin a yid, zing ikh mir dus lid

2. Efsher yidelekh hosti ayn shtikele parnuse.
Kimen tsi gayn di reshuem, in varfn af dir an akhnuse.
Di tistekh plugn bay tug un bay nakht, k’day zol zikh mern dos gezindl.
Kimsti tsi gayn un men zogt, az di lebst mit shvindl.   

3. Efsher yidele hosti shoyn a hindl af shabes.
Kimt es aveknemen ver, der grushe mit lange labes.  

4. Hobn mir shoyn perdirt burd un payes aukhet opstuguln,
ven destvegn dokh dem derkent men az ikh bin a yid geburn.  

5.  Koum shtay ikh nokh in drausn lebn di shine
Tit zekh shoyn a groys geshray, yidele yazda kayn Palestina.  

1. Listen to a little Jew, to what I am about to tell you
When they named me Jew, I am equal to no one.
Because where I go and where I stand they mock me.  
Refrain: Because I am a Jew,  I sing this song to myself.
Because I am a Jew, I sing this song to myself

2. Perhaps Jews, you have a little income.
Then the bad guys come along, and get jealous.
You struggle, day and night, so that your income should get bigger
But when you show up they say, that you live by swindle.

3. Perhaps, Jew, you have a chicken for the Sabbath,
So someone comes along to take it, that stranger with the long lapels.

4. Even if we get rid of our beard and earlocks, shave them off,
still they can tell that you were born a Jew.

5. Barely do I stand outside by the railroad tracks.
There is a great shout, Jew, away to Palestine.

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