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Note: September is Hispanic Heritage Month

Festive Afro-Peruvian Music and Dance

Caracumbe is an Afro-Peruvian group comprised of an extraordinary cast of professional dancers and musicians, many former members of the famed Peru Negro ballet. Led by master percussionist and director Marcos Napa, this New York based ensemble was assembled with hopes of bringing more attention to this lesser known but notably compelling world tradition. Sharing the artistic legacy of his ancestors, Marcos Napa leads Caracumbe in skillfully and passionately demonstrating through music and movement, a cultural legacy that has endured generations. With dances like festejo, lando and zamacueca, performed in harmony with the principal instrument of the wooden cajon, Caracumbe showcases a musical heritage of distinctive African roots found in a Peru mostly known for its Native American and European influences.

Ensemble: 10-14 musicians and dancers


Calpulli Mexican Dance Company
Electrifying Folkloric Dance

Outfitted in traditional dress, Calpulli Mexican Dance Company brings to the stage a highly electrifying and stunning showcase of the regional dances of Mexico. Most noted for their compelling interpretations of traditional Aztec dances, Calpulli also exhibits the dances from the states of Jalisco, Michoacan, Puebla and Veracruz. Dances from these regions are often performed to commemorate historic events and special occasions like Cinco de Mayo, Day of the Dead, and Mexican Independence Day. Calpulli is a Native American word referring to the groups or clans categorized by trade, which contributed to the whole of the Aztec civilization. This young, vibrant dance ensemble is a certified “calpulli” of artists and will excite and entertain even the most novice audiences of traditional dance.

Ensemble: 8-24 dancers and musicians

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