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Eva Salina
Balkan Romani (Gypsy) Music

Eva Salina became immersed in Balkan music and culture as a young child, and has quickly risen to her current role as one of the leading interpreters of Balkan vocal traditions in the U.S. Mentored over the last 22 years by numerous accomplished and generous musicians, Salina's agile, rich, nuanced voice moves between traditions with an ease and expression that belies her youth. Peter Stan is a Serbian Romani accordionist known equally for his playfulness and innovation as he is for his undeniably soulful, intuitive improvizations. Together, Salina and Stan draw on a strong musical friendship, the diversity of their creative professional experiences, and their shared love of Balkan Romani music, creating a welcoming space where joy and sorrow seamlessly coexist. In their performance, mournful ballads nestle gently among songs of celebration, bringing the listener on a journey that encapsulates both the beauty and the complexity of daily life.

Ensemble I: Eva Salina and Peter Stan, voice and accordion
Ensemble II: 3-6 people (voice, accordion, truba/trumpet, tuba, percussion)


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