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Series Curation
Drawing upon its extensive history of presenting world music, CTMD can curate a complete world music series or assemble “mini-festivals” for presenters. Selected series that CTMD has curated include:
• Heritage Sunday at Lincoln Center Out of Doors
• Barefoot Dancing at Wave Hill
• Living In America at The American Museum of Natural History
• Cultural Village at The Family Arts Festival of Riverside Church

Music Consultation
With its vast archive of US-based musicians, CTMD can assist presenters in locating artists and facilitating performances by first-class musicians from a multitude of world traditions. Noteworthy ensembles include:
• Argentine tango
• Greek mainland and island
• Balkan, German and Italian brass
• Hungarian, Serbian and Croatian strings
• Cuban son
• Mariachi and Norteño
• Dominican merengue
• Spanish flamenco

Educational Programs
With extensive experience in education and outreach, the following CTMD Touring Artists offer engaging school and family programs, residencies, master classes and workshops for all ages:
Sachiyo Ito
Alicia Svigals
Thunderbird Dancers
La Cumbiamba eNeYé
Bonga & The Vodou Drums of Haiti
EastRiver Ensemble
Sounds of Korea
Super Manden

Touring Artist Address