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Thunderbird american indian dancers

Thunderbird American Indian Dancers
Rich in History and Beauty

Wide in appeal, Thunderbird American Indian Dancers have made an enormous contribution to the effort of preserving and perpetuating American Indian culture. For over twenty-five years, Thunderbird Dancers have enchanted a diverse array of audiences through performance with the varied traditions of the American Indian peoples. Specializing in the songs and dances of the tribes of the Northwest Coast, Woodlands (Iroquois and Winnebago), Plains (Sioux) and the Southwest (Hopi and Santo Domingo), their repertoire includes the traditional “Fancy Dance” and “Hoop Dance,” as well as a variety of other distinct regional tribal dances. Wonderfully presented with descriptive narration, Thunderbird Dancers’ programs are among the most compelling anywhere.

Ensemble I: 4 dancer/musicians
Ensemble II: 8-10 dancer/musicians



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